Must be 16 years or older for permanent colour services. Please note colour services do not include cuts or styling. A skin test must be carried out at least 48 hours prior to any colour service.

Salon Director Principal Stylist Senior Stylist Stylist Junior Stylist
Cut & blow dry £52.00 £46.00 £42.00 £37.00 £33.00
Restyle £62.00 £56.00 £51.00 £45.00 £40.00
Blow dry (from) £26.00 £24.00 £22.00 £20.00 £18.00
Men's cut £27.00 £25.00 £23.00 £21.00 £18.00
Hair up £38.00 £34.00 £30.00 £26.00 £24.00
Luxury wet shave £25.00 / £15.00 with cut N/A N/A N/A N/A
Beard shape £7.50 £7.50 £7.50 £7.50 £7.50
Balayage (from) £69.00 £69.00 £65.00 £60.00 £54.00
Full head highlights £85.00 £85.00 £74.00 £70.00 £64.00
Half head highlights £62.00 £62.00 £57.00 £54.00 £51.00
Parting highlights £48.00 £48.00 £41.00 £39.00 £36.00
Full head colour £59.00 £59.00 £54.00 £52.00 £48.00
Regrowth £45.00 £45.00 £42.00 £38.00 £35.00
Semi-permanent £56.00 £56.00 £53.00 £50.00 £44.00
Toner £18.00 £18.00 £18.00 £18.00 £14.00
Colour change On quotation
X-Tenso (from) £83.00 £83.00 £78.00 £75.00 £72.00
Perming (from) £68.00 £68.00 £58.00 £55.00 £48.00
Smartbond £15.00 £15.00 £15.00 £15.00 £15.00


Clients have told us what they love about Mettyear's. As a result, we have wrapped up three gift packages that the gorgeous men and women in your life would love to receive. Self-gifting IS allowed.

Men's Ultimate Grooming Package

A gift package of a Decleor back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a Kerastase hair wash, cut & blow dry in our hair salon. Plus a take away gift of a KMS hair styling product.


Women's Ultimate Mettyear's Package

A top to toe beauty experience: a 75-minute Decleor Luxury Facial, followed by a Kerastase wash, cut & blow dry, mini manicure and pedicure with CND Shellac + 30 minutes use of the spa.


Women's Beauty Taster

An ideal gift for women who deserve special treatment - err, that's all of us! Relax with a Decleor Aroma Discovery Facial, followed by a Kerastase wash, cut & blow dry and a mini manicure with CND Shellac.


Women's Ultimate Mettyear's Package

A top to toe beauty experience: a 75-minute Decleor Luxury Facial, followed by a Kerastase wash, cut & blow dry, mini manicure and pedicure with CND Shellac.


Gift Vouchers

Mettyear's vouchers are available in denominations of your choice. Buy online here or from our salon reception. Vouchers are redeemable as total or part payment against all hair, beauty and aesthetic treatments.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Our Hydrotherapy pool is equipped with patented jet innovation to create the ultimate massage technique's in 37 degrees of filtrated heat. Relax and unwind in our spa environment before or after your treatment to recharge your feel-good batteries.

For private hire

30 minutes - £15.00

60 minutes - £20.00

Discounted rate with existing treatment

30 minutes - £10.00

60 minutes - £15.00

each additional person - £10.00


We use CND Shellac for gel nails; giving you flawless coverage with ultra-resistant high shine in more than 80 colours. When booking for shellac appointments, please ask for removal if you have a current application.

CND BRISA® nail extensions: We create gorgeous, thin, natural-looking gel enhancements with CND’s patented technology. BRISA® Sculpting Gels are strong, flexible, gorgeous nails for life's daily activities. Sculpt, extend, shape for a naturally polished look. BRISA® Paints are thin liquid gel paints that create crisp smile lines that last three times longer than ordinary French manicures. Prime the nail with BRISA® Bond, a UV-cured bonding agent that securely adheres BRISA® gel to the natural nail. Finish with BRISA® Gloss, a high-gloss gel top coat that seals and protects enhancements.

Mini manicure £14.00
Mini manicure + shellac £30.00
Manicure + shellac £34.00
Luxury manicure + shellac £40.00
CND Brisa nail extensions + Shellac £45.00
CND Brisa infills + Shellac £25.00
Mini Pedicure £18.00
Pedicure + shellac £40.00
Luxury Pedicure + Shellac £45.00
Shellac removal £10.00


Eye Lash & Brow Treatments

Eyelash tint £10.00
Eyebrow tint £10.00
EyeLash perm £29.00
Eyelash extensions £42.00
Russian Eyelash extensions £60.00
Eyebrow waxing £8.00
Eyebrow threading £10.00

Microblading for brows

Our experienced facialist creates perfect brows to suit your face shape and skin tone. Using microblading techniques to create individual hair strokes between existing hair to create thicker fuller looking brows.

Pre consultation and treatment: £250

A skin test is required at least 24 hours before treatment.

Threading & Waxing

Eyebrow £10.00
Upper lip £10.00
Half leg £15.00
Full leg £20.00
Arm £15.00
Under arm £8.00
Upper lip £8.00
Chin £8.00
Lip + chin £12.00
Bikini £8.00
Brazilian £15.00
Hollywood £25.00

Ear Treatment

Hopi ear candle £25.00

Men's Waxing

Eyebrow £8.00
Underarm £8.00
Forearm £10.00
Back £18.00
Chest £18.00
Abs £18.00
Full arm £18.00
Full leg £25.00
Buttocks £10.00

Moroccan Tanning

Enriched with organ oil and vitamin E, Moroccan Tanning nourishes the skin, enabling it to develop a deep, natural, long-lasting glow.



Reiki is a form of energy healing, It work's with energy being transferred through the palms of the practitioner. It is a deeply relaxing treatment which aims to encourage physical and emotional healing within the body. Helps countless scenarios such as MS and even fertility.

*Booking with Beautician Alex only*

60 minutes - £45.00


Based on 40 years of skincare expertise and utilising the latest technological breakthroughs in anti-ageing care, we offer Decléor's technologically advance facials to restore skin health with precise and blissful rituals:

Aromatherapy Discovery Facial | 30 minutes

Discover what makes Decléor facials world famous with this divine ‘taster’.

When you’re short of time but want to bring back an irresistibly healthy complexion, this is the perfect rescue remedy. For rapid results, your expert therapist uses a combination of massage, Essential Oils and a gentle polish to smooth and revitalise tired skin leaving it fresh and radiant instead.

30 minutes | £35

Prescriptive Performance Facials | 1 hour 15 minutes

Sanctuary facialists will help you to choose the right facial for your skin goals. At the heart of every Decleor treatment are powerful Essential Oils imparting heavenly scents to relax the skin, body and mind. Beginning with a unique and relaxing back diagnostic massage, each treatment is tailor-made to help meet your precise needs.

We offer the following facial treatments:

Moisture Bright Treatment | A brightening treatment with a Vitamin C power booster to help restore luminosity.

Recharge Vitamin Glow Facial | Award-winning vitamin facial to leave your skin visibly radiant.

Moisture Quench Facial | Deeply hydrating facial for super-soft skin

Oxygenating Pure & Matt | This mattifying facial targets spots, blemishes, open pores and excessive shine.

Divine Nutrition Facial | Deliciously cocooning and nourishing to comfort and repair.

Harmonie Calm Facial | Desensitises and reinforces stressed, fragile and reactive skin

White Radiance Facial | Vitamin C-packed facial for sheer brilliance

Prescriptive Performance Facials | £75

Multi-book offer | Course of 5 facials | £300

Advanced Anti-Ageing Facials | 1 hour 15 minutes

Sanctuary facialists are trained in the techniques behind Decleor's wide range of targeted and results-driven treatments for face and body. You can look forward to seeing simply stunning results with the following Anti-Ageing Facials and Treatments:

Facial Pilates Treatment | A Pilates session for the skin to help visibly lift, remodel and re-densify.

Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Resist Facial | Offering dramatic and immediate results, expression lines and wrinkles are smoothed to ensure skin looks luminous.

Collagen Plump & Lift | Highly effective anti-ageing facial which delivers plumper and firmer skin.

Anti-Ageing Facials and Treatments | £75

Multi-book offer | Course of 5 facials | £300

Vital Eyes Treatment | 45 minutes

Anti-ageing and visibly plumping for a smoother eye zone.

Decleor’s unique toning eye technique stimulates micro-circulation and encourages cell renewal while an intensively repairing, anti-ageing eye mask also decongests and de-puffs.

Leaves even contact lens wearers, hay fever sufferers and smokers with a dramatically brighter, younger looking eye zone.

Vital Eyes Treatment | £45


Everyday stresses simply disappear with our heavenly massages and body treatments. Featuring a unique combination of essential oils and botanicals to meet every clients' needs, our treatments include:

Aromatherapy Body Massage

Relax, refine, tone or stimulate with one of these tension-releasing holistic treatments that leave skin feeling soft and revitalised.

30 minutes - £40, 1 hour - £50, 1.5 hours - £65

Deep Tissue Muscle Energiser

Pure therapeutic relaxation to alleviate stress deep down and release the discomfort of aching muscles. Pure essential oil balms enhance the experience, leaving your mind calmer and muscles soothed.

30 minutes - £45, 1 hour - £55

AromaTherapy Warm Stone Massage

Stimulate energy flow while soothing body and mind with this heavenly massage using the warmth of heated stones to ease tension. Decléor's aromatic balms heighten the senses and soften's the skin.

75 minutes - £75

Aroma Blend Refine & Firm Massage

A new approach to body sculpting; this shaping ritual is completely bespoke to your refining and firming needs. The fusion of essential oils and botanicals is blended by your therapist to transform your skin, recharge your body and balance your emotions.

30 minutes - £30, 1 hour - £60

Radiant Mum To Be

Relax while our highly trained therapists safely and gently treat your tummy, legs and face to a truly nurturing experience that helps to reduce the risk of stretch marks, relieves heavy legs and brightens skin.

1 hour - £55

Tranquillity Scalp

Stress-relieving scalp treatment to banish tension and aid restful sleep. Pressure point massage includes rosemary and lavender essential oils to restore serenity and calm.

30 minutes - £25

Aroma Wraps

Tailor made cocooning full body envelopments. Each wrap comprises of exfoliation, body mask and scalp & back massage. A warm, comforting treatment for top to toe benefits.

75 minutes - £75


Our resident Reflexologist, Alex, applies gentle reflexology techniques to pressure points on your feet to restore your sense of balance and calm.

45 minutes - £45

Sports Massage

No ordinary massage, this is a targeted, deep, energising massage to support recovery and improve performance.

30 minutes - £35

60 minutes - £60


Four no-nonsense, highly effective treatments for men:

Intensive Energising Face Treatment | 1 hour

Our fatigue-fighting, anti-ageing treatment reduces shaving bumps and irritation; soothing, moisturising and invigorating.

Intensive Energising Face Treatment | £60

Intensive Energising Body Treatment | 1 hour

Dramatically reducing tension and boosting energy levels. This deeply revitalising treatment includes a therapeutic massage to blast away muscular - and mental - aches and pains.

Intensive Energising Body Treatment | £60

Deep Tissue Back & Shoulder Massage | 30 minutes

Highly targeted treatment focusing on releasing tension in back and shoulders. A powerful deep tissue massage to revitalise mind and body.

Deep Tissue Back & Shoulder Massage | £40

Express Energising Face Treatment | 30 minutes

A high speed solution to re-energise your skin. This rejuvenating treatment recharges tired skin to leave it looking clearer and fresher. Job done.

Express Energising Face Treatment | £30


The anti-ageing specialist based on cutting edge, avant-garde technology, Carita delivers the ultimate results in lifting, firming and protecting. Often cited as 'the perfect alternative to cosmetic surgery', the Carita Cinetic Lift Expert Machine combines micro-currents, ultrasound and light therapy with high performance formulations to create dramatic and visible results after just one treatment.

Gold Perfection Facial

Reawaken your skin's youthful appearance and recapture its vitality with this radiance-inducing treatment. Carita's anti-ageing massage techniques and minerals leave the skin glowing.

Harnessing Duo Pearls technology within our luxurious professional mask, Preserves the active TRIO OF GOLD COMPLEX and powerful anti-ageing ingredients up until the last minute to leave the complexion visibly firmer, even toned and flawless with youthful radiance.

With Cinetic Lift Expert, 1 hour 45 minutes - £110

Hands on, 75 minutes - £75

Course of 5 treatments - £450

Genesis of Youth

A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating facial treatment combined with the renowned youth-boosting creams containing naturally occurring active ingredients to ensure revitalising results: visibly firmer, younger-looking, radiant skin

With Cinetic Lift Expert, 1 hour 45 minutes - £110

Hands on, 1 hour - £65

Course of 5 treatments - £450

Lagoon Hydration Facial

Dive into Polynesian waters and give skin a burst of moisture. Specially designed for dehydrated and tired skin. This treatment refreshes skin with radiance and hydration.

With Cinetic Lift Expert, 1 hour 45 minutes - £110

Hands on, 1 hour - £65

Course of 5 treatments - £450

Balance & Purity Facial

Infuse the skin with papaya extract and rediscover the freshness of a matte and luminous complexion. Pores are refined and skin purified to leave it fresh, supple and smooth.

With Cinetic Lift Expert, 1 hour 45 minutes - £110

Hands on, 1 hour - £65

Course of 5 treatments - £450

Cotton Soft Facial

Regain skin comfort and softness with cotton extract. Designed for sensitive skins, this treatment soothes away imbalances. This 'cocooning' treatment restores the skin to leave it more comfortable and harmonised.

With Cinetic Lift Expert, 1 hour 45 minutes - £110

Hands on, 1 hour - £65

Course of 5 treatments - £450

Prep + Peel

This new Carita Peel delivers pure and potent ingredients to your skin precisely where it needs it most. Skin is left feeling renewed and revitalised with a smooth, refined texture. Suitable for all skin types.

30 minutes - £35

Restoring & Firming Peel

Combining the powerful ingredients of the new Neomorphose formula and Carita Peel, this treatment begins with a professional exfoliation. This exceptional treatment works to improve the skin's overall appearance, leaving skin feeling smoother, plumper and beautifully hydrated.

75 minutes - £75

Ultimate Wrinkle Smoothing Peel

A highly effective anti-ageing precision facial delivers technologically advanced ingredients to tackle the appearance of lines, wrinkles or sagging skin. Your Carita clinician will transform your skin with the Carita Peel to dramatically reduce signs of ageing. The Cinetic Lift Expert Machine and Neomorphose formulation create the optimum environment for cellular renewal, revealing skin that is luminous and radiant.

1 hour 45 minutes - £110

Techno LED Slimming Massage

The Techno LED slimming treatment combines active slimming ingredients and micro-current technology with the phototherapy and ultrasound of the CARITA beauty device to tone the figure and diminish unsightly skin problems.

45 minutes - £60, 75 minutes - £80, Course of 5 - £240


Azzalure Muscle Relaxation

Azzalure (Botox) muscle relaxation is perfect for disappearing facial lines. Lasting between 9 to 12 weeks, Azzalure can be used in adults to temporarily relax facial muscles and improve the appearance of moderate to severe lines. Prices include consultation with a doctor, prescription and a 2 week review.

Areas of treatment:

Glabellar (vertical frown lines between the eyebrows)

Upper forehead (must be treated with the Glabellar)

Crows Feet (smile lines on outside aspects of the eyes)

1 area - £200, 2 areas - £250, 3 areas - £300

Revanesse Hyaluronic Acid Derma Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring compound present in the skin. It is responsible for hydrating the skin, keeping it plump, smooth and supple. Our natural levels deplete as we age.

Revanesse products contain a high concentration of non-animal based hyaluronic acid which can be injected into the skin to replace volume loss and rejuvenate skin. Revanesse products are harmlessly absorbed by the body and biodegraded in a simple and consistent manner.

Areas of treatment:

Face: Nasal labia, cheeks & chin

A high viscosity, grade 3 hyaluronic acid gel for deeper wrinkles and folds. Perfect for adding immediate volume. Lasts between 9 to 12 months.

Lips: Lip volume, definition and vermilion border.

A high viscosity hyaluronic acid gel specifically engineered for lip augmentation. A subtle, natural look for lips lasting between 6 to 9 months.

£250 per 1ml syringe

Micro-needle therapy

Micro-needle therapy is delivered using a dermal roller with 192 needles across it. The depths of these needles depend on whether the face or body is being treated. Used to treat the appearance of scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and stretch marks, it works by causing micro-injuries to the epidermis and dermis, triggering the body's natural healing process. This, in turn, increases skin cell turnover, encourages collagen and elastin production within the skin to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and making the skin smoother, brighter, healthier and younger looking.

For optimum results, courses of 3 to 5 treatments are recommended with a minimum of 4-6 weeks between appointments. Speak to our trained clinician for an individual treatment plan. This treatment can be used in conjunction with microdermabrasion from 2 weeks, post procedure.

Areas of treatment: Face & Body

Starting from £150

Cryopen - the skin perfector

Cryopen is an advanced cryotherapy innovation that is fast, effective and save. A new solution for the removal of skin imperfections, procedures are minimally invasive. Typically lasting 5-25 seconds so that you can be in and out of the salon quickly. The Cryopen emits a fine jet of nitrous oxide under high pressure, allowing the clinician to work with millimetre precision.

Cryopen is incredibly accurate and practical for treating skin tags, sun/age spots, milia, warts, cherry angioma and viral verrucae.

£50 per cartridge


Microdermabrasion offers a safe and controlled method of skin resurfacing. It is an excellent treatment for ageing or damaged skin. Regular treatments stimulate collagen and elastin formation, resulting in a firmer and more rejuvenated look.

Single Facial, 45 minutes - £35

6 Week Course - £180

10 Week Course - £300


Microblading for brows

Our experienced facialist creates perfect brows to suit your face shape and skin tone. Using microblading techniques to create individual hair strokes between existing hair to create thicker fuller looking brows.

Pre consultation and treatment: £250

A skin test is required at least 24 hours before treatment.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

Our resident Cosmetic Artist Andy delivers Scalp Micro-Pigmentation to help diminish signs of thinning or hair loss. A detailed consultation is compulsory prior to any treatment.

Tattoo Removal is also available at £30.00 per session (average sessions required is between 4 - 5)

Scalp Pigmentation is subject to consultation.

Unique to the South East of England, Mettyear's features:

Decleor, Carita, Kerastase and L’Oreal Professional.